Truth About Luxury Preserved Roses

Luxury preserved roses are the unique rose flowers that do not get bruised or dried for a very long time. But what are these luxury preserved roses and how are they preserved. Are they different from the natural flowers and how long will preserved fresh flowers last?

box of preserved roses

There are various questions people ask most often, so it is important to know the process behind the creation of these adorable flowers.

The truth of luxury preserved flowers

  • These long-lasting luxury roses are not made from silk or any other material even though they may look fake from distant, but you will notice the difference closely.
  • Preserving these fresh flowers arrangement properly is very important, therefore, the luxury roses must be cut when they are at their most charming stage.
  • The flowers are then immersed in a mixture of glycerin and other natural plant elements. This solution re-hydrates the rose from its petals to its stem and replaces the sap within it.
  • The process is complete after a few days and you have preserved luxury roses that are flexible and look natural.
  • For obtaining a variety of colors you see available, shortly a dying process takes place after the preservation is complete.
luxury preserved roses

What makes luxury flowers different from dried flowers?

The process behind preserving roses is completely different from drying them. When a flower is dried, it typically hung upside down for several days dehydrating the bloom and stem. As a few days or weeks pass, the roses become dried resulting in a bouquet which is brittle, lacks its vibrant color and is easily breakable.

The difference is astounding when it comes to how long dried or preserved roses last. As the dried flowers have been dehydrated, they are no longer lasting and can break or lose petals rather easily. For a while, if they are kept in a safe place, they can last for several months, but if they are haphazardly bumped or moved, that will create more of a mess than a bouquet.

On the other hand, preserved luxury roses can be cherished for a much longer period. You can expect the preserved luxury roses to last upto one year.

You can use your preserved luxury roses for more than keeping them in a vase. They are perfect for home decoration, floral art and other crafted projects that associate flowers.

Published by Don de Fleurs

Don de Fleurs® is a fresh and preserved flowers delivery company in South Florida. We specialize in providing distinctive designed, high-quality flowers, and superior services to our customers.

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